I’m Renee Hopkins. I was born curious. I have loved sharing ideas ever since I learned this amazing thing called “reading” at age 6. I promptly went home and taught my little sister how to read.

247542_10151609096795700_1857869507_nI have a BA in English (of course) and an M.A. in Humanities (an MA in English, dressed in Humanities clothing).  I’ve taught Freshman English. I’ve led writing and editing workshops and training everywhere from a Romance Writers of America conference to a Boston boutique management consulting firm.

For more details, see my LinkedIn profile, which makes a long story much shorter.

Or carry on:

Pre-Internet, I was the managing editor of magazine, a news editor at The Tennessean in Nashville, and an editor and reporter who worked in both features and business news at The Dallas Morning News. I could paper the walls of my house with clips and print-outs of freelance articles I’ve written (called “content,” today), on subjects ranging from how a proxy fight works to why baked beans seem to appear magically at potlucks, even when no one has been assigned to bring them.

Since 2000, I have done writing-based professional work: Qualitative research and analysis, ideation, concept development, management consulting, and actual writing and editing. And “content strategy,” which encompasses the work we used to call marketing communications, public relations, editorial strategy and planning, editing, and writing.

When I’m not pondering the intersection of writing and design, I help business leaders explore, design, and test new business models. And I write and edit the Business Model Sandbox.

I use the serial comma at all times except when I’m forced to follow AP style.


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