What my clients say:

Renee is a fantastic coach. She has great smarts and wisdom, as well as a deep empathy that she brings in every coaching session. Renee can take you from stagnancy to thriving in a very quickly, and whatever it is you want to accomplish with coaching, she can help you make it happen. – Nathaniel Bell

Energetic, focused, friendly and fun. Renee is a generous coach and savvy entrepreneur who’ll coach you into your best, integrated self. And as she works with you, you’ll feel as if you’ve been mentored by the smartest, kindest person you’ve ever known. – Carol Meyers

Renee – You are a free spirit and I want to thank you for opening yourself to help me with my own self-development. I love the excitement you bring to coaching and the real genuine way you have in your approach! – Nikki Livingston

Renee is authentic, caring, and has a wealth of life experience. She wants the very best for her clients and it shows. She kept me focused on my priorities and I left the session with a plan and felt empowered and confident. When Renee coaches you, you will feel empowered, too. – Catherine Oliphant